Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bird flying - Maya

This is also from that same book, "The Learning Maya 6 Handbook."

It's supposed to loop, but, youtube, whatchagonnado?

Lucky Cat - Blender, Fireworks

I've used Blender off and on for years, never did anything that great with it. This was me playing at school with Blender (gotta love that easy install, you can run it anywhere! Permissions, be gone!) I found it easier to use since I had been teaching myself Maya.

It didn't start out as a lucky cat, just sorta ended up that way. The minimal detail is sort of japonisme, so I finished it of by relearning UV Texture Mapping.

I'm most proud that this is an original of mine. No tutorial.

Room, Night - Maya

This is my first full project in Maya. From start to finish, I used "The Learning Maya 6 Handbook."