Wednesday, February 28, 2007

104 - 106: different weights, obstacles, and pendulum

Wow, long time no updates. I have just been so busy with work and everything, I have had trouble just getting my assignments in, much less update my blog. So, after an afternoon of youtube uploading, here they are:

two balls - this assignment asked us to animate two balls with different weights. stu, again, makes a guest appearance.

obstacle course - a simple ball goes through an obstacle course, using some squash and stretch. stu supervises. this week we also had another stu pose to do:

pendulum, overlapping action - to demonstrate an understanding of overlapping action, we were given this model of a pendulum. stu is along for the ride.

107???? well, I really got behind this week because of some family stuff. I did manage to get it in on time, but it wasn't really as done as I would like. I will revise this week and turn it in a again. after my next crit, I will post it here.