Wednesday, February 25, 2009

rock band, a love/hate relationship

this is just a rant, more about me having a need to write it than any delusion i have that anyone will want to read it. never the less, here it is!

the best purchase i have made since my actual ps3 is rock band. it is not my favorite game, lego star wars will always fill that spot in my heart, but it is a party favorite. there have been a few get-togethers where rock band as been a great hit.

this week, disaster stroke. i hadn't gotten the drums out in several weeks, and after i dusted them off and plugged them in, i realized the pedal had stopped responding. there was nothing visibly broken, no cracks or shorts in the cable or anything, it just didn't work.

i purchased it maybe 4 or 5 months ago at circuit city. i hate circuit city but it was on sale there, so i with with it. as annoyed as i am by best buy's pushiness when it comes to service plans, i wish circuit city had offered one. i didn't think about it until after i had completed the purchase, and eventually it was too late to add it on. so, there i was, way out of the 60 day warranty. sol.

as an aside, what kinda crap is it that a company can get a way with charging almost $200 for something and say it should only last 60 days?! something is very wrong with that.

anyway, as pissed as i was at electronic arts, i didn't last a day without my drums, i high-tailed it to my local best buy where i found the rock band 2 drums in stock. and, i asked about a warranty on this one before the nice best buy gal had a chance to offer it. i can now rock on!

andrew's birthday

here is a video of andrew's birthday (this past saturday)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

my colorcode (stereoscopic) image

i found a tutorial about making a 3d image to work with the weird 3d glasses we got for the super bowl (yellow and purple, not red and blue). it ain't perfect, but it was fun to try.

Monday, February 02, 2009

'some assembly required' - blocking done!

here is my blocking pass for my short for animation mentor, 'some assembly required'

there are lots of notes to sort out, updates to come :)