Sunday, December 31, 2006

UGH, I can almost TASTE it!

Christmas was wonderful, the best part was it gave me something else to look forward to other then AM starting. I was distracted with my mindstorms enough to keep my calm for the most part.

I got a couple im's from some other new students on the 23rd saying they had gotten their log in info. I was green with envy! I didn't know were mine was, and just before I was going to try to email them, I checked my spam and there it was! It had been setting there since the 22nd.

Oh well. I am all signed up now. I have read all there is to read and watched all there is to watch. There isn't much there yet, just orientation stuff. I was hoping to get to view the Maya training videos I have heard so much about, but it seems I have to wait till class starts on the 8th for access to all that. For what it is worth, I have my avatar up there and somewhat of a bio, but they might be revised again before I get too far into the class. I choose billy for my avatar, I figure he is a good choice.

This is going to be the slowest week ever!

Friday, December 01, 2006

getting closer!

I just put my enrollment packet in the mail. I requested my college transcript to be sent over a few weeks ago but haven't heard from AM if they ever got it. I guess they may be waiting for the check. It should be there soon!

Also, The Illusion of Life finally came! I ordered it early in October and it was delayed a couple months. I should count my blessings, as I have talked to others who have been waiting much longer.

This book is intimidating, it is so HUGE! I don't know where to begin. I forgot how big it is. It is different then the copy I remember from my childhood. This has the same wrap around image of Pinocchio, but the one I remember had like a full color background with a cell-like transparent sheet over it with the Pinocchio character on it (like an animation cell). I wish I still had that one, it is probably worth something. Oh well, I got it for the information, not for the cool cover design.

I love the image on page 10, opposite of the Acknowledgments page. It is from Snow White where she is presenting the box with the heart clasp on it. There is something 'Pandora's box' about it, and it seems appropriate for the secrets to be revealed in the pages to follow. But, that's as interpretive as I want to get or else I risk sounding pretentious.

Just one month to go!