Friday, January 25, 2008

mytoons is blocked :(

Well, I've been a fan of for a long time, but it looks like I will have to switch back to youtube for my animation hosting needs, at least for now. I just noticed were I work the site is blocked. It wasn't last time I checked, but it is now. I think even when it wasn't blocked before the videos didn't want to play so I guess some part of it was always blocked.

I think I work at a typical office; if it is blocked here it is blocked other places as well. Youtube is not blocked. I don't know why it isn't but I am not going to look the proverbial gift-horse in the mouth.

So, I guess my weekend project is to go through and copy everything here over to youtube (some of the older stuff is there already). I will probably keep both versions up, at least for a while.

Why am I posting this? I don't think many even check out my blog but here it is, for posterity :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Review: The Bride of Frankenstein

This is my review of The Bride of Frankenstein, as required by my Media Review Writing class at UC. For what it is, enjoy!

For the unteenmillionth time, I got to watch The Bride of Frankenstein. It never gets old. Every time I see it I notice something new. This time, I couldn't help but to start casting a revival in my head. I didn't get far, and the first one was obvious. Who better then Peter Boyle as the monster? I know, he already was in Young Frankenstein but he's perfect for it. My other casting would be Paul Reubens as Dr. Pretorius. Mr. Reubens might need a little aging, but not too much. Alright, enough fun, time to review.

For a man so educated he masters the secret of life itself, it seems to me that Dr. Frankenstein isn't smart enough to know when to give up. I would think after you created a monster who obviously has no hope of conforming to society, a society that will always fear and hunt him, you might be a little relieved that he is put out of his misery and move on. I might be persuaded to believe that his fixation is fatherly; he cares for the life he created and wants him to succeed and to be happy. But even before he finds out that The Monster survived, he is raving about how he can still master life, going so far as to reach for eternal life which makes me think his desires have little to do with the well-being of the life he created and are more related to his own megalomania.

The same could be said for his participation in the creation of a mate for The Monster. Does he do it for fear of loosing is bride, for his desire to do all he can to help his 'son' or just because he is obsessed? I think it might be a little of all three but mostly the last: he wants to see if he can do it.

I really feel for The Monster, as I am sure is the intention. He never asked to be created, he just was. He was thrust into a world that refused to understand him and, as is human nature, feared him. His quest for a mate ran into several obstacles ending up in disaster. He found the perfect companion in a blind hermit who lived in the woods, only to end up bringing destruction to the hermit's life. Then, when the 'perfect' mate was literally created for him, she wouldn't accept him. Every effort he made to conform, even going so far as seeking a mate, ended in disaster. In the end, he found is place. He felt he "belonged dead" and accepted his fate.

Or did he? IMDB mentions he survived yet again and lives on in yet another sequel, Son of Frankenstein. That's going right on to my net flix :)